Game Night

Dungeons and Dragons

We are currently playing a homebrew campaign called "The Heavenly Silence", which is based in Toril with the Forgotten Realms setting. Recently, the gods have fallen silent and there are rumors of demonic and cult activity spreading throughout the realm. The campaign started with three solo sessions where each character woke up and realized that they had become hosts to select gods overnight. These gods had imbued themselves into our heroes and tasked them with saving the realm. Ellywick became the Champion of Mystra, Lily is the Champion of Silvanus, and Sol acts as Champion of Lliira.

In our most recent session, the party played a game of cards with the omniscient creator of everything. A daunting endeavor, but it resulted in some good loot! Lily was gifted a sentient, nonremovable greataxe that has a particular penchant for violence, Elly stole a manifestation of magic itself, and Sol was given a very magical tuning fork.

Aeon's End: Legacy

Producers: Indie Boards & Cards, Portal Games, SD Games

We started this game when we were craving a new Legacy game, and saw that it had some really great reviews. We all chose our mages, threw ourselves into the throws of battle, and instantly fell in love with the game. The mechanics were engaging, the story was interesting, and the ability to grow your character with a specific strategy in mind is wildly satisfying.

T.I.M.E Stories

Publisher: Space Cowboys

This is a game that Ari, Isaiah, and Nathan all started together when Josiah was off doing a very impressive math thing one summer. We were so excited about the first game, and when Josiah was able to join us upon his return, it became a regular play during our game nights. What started as a boredom-killing activity (which we lost at consistently) turned into a pride-focused battle towards completion (which we still lose consistently). We love it, but we also hate it. It is perfect. 


Publisher: Cephalofair Games

One of the most incredible campaign-based boardgames created, we absolutely adore this game. Where the character customization is a little limited, the gameplay makes up the difference. The strategy required to be successful is engaging as much as it is fun, and the feeling of satisfaction you get after completing a mission without everyone dying is enough to make you want to play for hours.