Meet The Creators


Nathan S.

Head of Mechanics Development

Much of my work on Trials of Omnus focuses on creating the complex structure and function of the character's cards and traits. I also face the unique task of incorporating the story into the card-playing aspect of our game. I've always enjoyed the intricate nature of card games such as Dominion, Ascension, and Slay the Spire, which serves as inspiration for the mechanics. Drawing on my degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, I maintain the balance of our games to keep them both enjoyable and challenging. In our Dungeons and Dragons campaign, I play a fiery, pastry loving, little gnome wizard named Ellywick Horcusporcus. 


Ari E.

Creative Co-Director/Editor

Whether it be a play, novel, movie, song, anime, or even a board game, I am consistently fascinated by the phenomenon that is storytelling. I've dabbled in genres ranging from novels to playwriting. As one of the creative co-directors for NAJI Games, I spend much of my time writing and structuring plot and dreaming up conflicts for characters to overcome. When I'm not reading, writing, running, or binge-watching, I moonlight as a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at Purdue University. For our current Dungeons and Dragons campaign, I play the Paladin Dragonborn Lily May, a gruff and efficient nomad cursed by circumstances to work with a pastry obsessed Wizard and a forever crooning Bard. 


Josiah B.

Head of Artistic Development

I always had a passion for art, but when I started to become more focused on my other passion for Math Education, my creative outlets began to fade into the background. For the last four years, I have been working on my Ph.D in Mathematics at Purdue University. When the opportunity arose for me to rekindle my art skills, I jumped at the chance. Besides designing the main characters for the Trials of Omnus, I am also responsible for the formatting and graphics of our cards. For fun, I enjoy working out, watching anime, reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), and (obviously) playing board games. In our DnD campaign, I play a light-hearted, enthusiastic, energetic half-elf bard named Solal "Sol" Jiyu. 


Isaiah S.

Creative Co-Director/Historian

Being one of those in charge of the story, I focus mostly on character development, world-building, and cultural integration. I have a degree in Ancient Cultural Studies and Mathematics Education from Purdue University. When I'm not working on game development, I teach math at a middle school where I also run a mythologies club. I like to draw on my background in ancient cultures when writing the histories of the different races that you will see in our games. I am also the Dungeon Master for our Dungeons and Dragons campaign and thoroughly adore generating and writing about fantastical worlds full of beauty, magic, and wonder.