trials of omnus:

Land Ascended

In Trials of Omnus: Land Ascended, you will play as one of six dazzling characters,  each having their own destiny that is waiting to be unfurled at the hands of the player. Your goal is to grow stronger and gain new abilities by interacting with the world of Omnus. You can achieve new levels of power by defeating your foes in combat or masterfully performing skillful feats. 

Accompanied by your party members, you will be faced with choices that will alter the very course of the world. Will your path be wrought with danger? Perhaps piled with treasure, or steeped in glory? With each choice contributing to your individual and group quests, your gameplay is guaranteed to be unique, immersive, and fascinating. 

Each choice influences your story to one of the hundreds of different possible endings.

How will you fare in the Trials of Omnus?


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Our first update will be featuring one of the playable characters in the Trials of Omnus: Land Ascended

The Thaumaturge

Did you miss last week's character update? Click here to get caught up on what you missed! 

We are highlighting this character all month. Check back here throughout the month to hear from the creators about the creative process for developing the Thaumaturge class as well as the race of the character! 

This week, we have brought to you the inspiration for the Tuasyna, the race of the Thaumaturge! To learn about the ancient Gaelic society that led to the fables of the fairy world, check out this blog post to learn the whole story, and better get to know the troublemaking Tuasyna and their rigid home courts!