"Victory is for a Night, but Treasure is Forever."

Welcome to NAJI Games, a board game design and production company. We focus on games with captivating characters, engaging story and clever mechanics. Our team is just as dedicated (if not more) to crafting games as we are to playing them. Our goal is to engage our players thematically as well as mechanically by creating immersive, memorable, and exciting gaming experiences.

Currently, we are developing a cooperative, deck-builder style game set in an untamed land of magic and nature. To learn more about our current game, visit our Games page.

We hope you enjoy!



NAJI Games found its inception in Lafayette, IN in the dawn of 2020 as a collective daydream, and flourished into a full-time creative project. Our love of storytelling and strategy drives us every day to perfect our games and create an experience for our players that not only brings them entertainment but allows them to think, feel, and wonder. If you would like to learn more about us individually check out our Meet NAJI page, or this blog to hear about how we got started in all of this!

We are currently developing a deck-building, legacy-based, semi-RPG game, known (currently) as Trials of Omnus. Players will choose one of several uniquely designed characters and use a character-specific deck to navigate a world overrun with fantastical creatures, horrifying enemies, glorious treasures, and a mysterious plot.

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We meet as often as possible so we can get our game(s) to you, our supporters, as soon as possible. Our meetings generally consist of:

  • Sitting silently while we try to find just the right phrasing for cards.

  • Debating mechanics and/or game components.

  • Drawing frantically.

  • Playtesting... so much playtesting.

  • Baking (courtesy of Ari and Isaiah!).

  • Laughing hysterically over (often crazy) character and story ideas.

  • Eating food.

  • Playing board games -er- "market research".

We also implemented the use of physical organizers as well as online mediums, primarily Google Suite. These have been a saving grace in the development process, and we wanted to post some pictures capturing these moments below!



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